JDE Funderingstechniek bvba is an engineering company that was
established by engineer Jo Devenyn early 2014 and that is specializing
in research and development of new piling techniques.
Recently a number of new implementation techniques for the drilling of
foundation piles have been patented successfully.

JDE Funderingstechniek bvba is also specializing in design,
development and construction of augers for the installation of foundation
piles allowing for the implementation, testing and further development of
the new piling techniques.

JDE Funderingstechniek bvba also has developed many years of
experience in sonic testing of concrete foundation piles and can provide
independent and expert advice in the capacity of builder, architect,
stability company, contractor, …

JDE Funderingstechniek bvba is not a piling company. For the
implementation of special piling techniques, please refer to Noterman
, your partner for the placement of screw piles
with and without soil displacement, secant pile walls and berlin walls.
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