JDE Funderingstechniek bvba has an extensive expertise in the field
of screw piles with double soil displacement.
Our displacement augers are designed in such a way that over the
entire pile length a very clear and regular helical shape is obtained,
unlike other existing systems on the market.


The knowledge and vast experience that we have developed in
optimizing helical-shaped soil displacement screw piles, we have also
applied to develop a system for the manufacturing of continuous flight
auger piles with casing without soil displacement, but with the same
regular helical shape over the entire pile length!
This is possible by making use of a screw-threaded casing and a
continuous flight auger, at the same time driven by a double rotary head
drilling system.


After having successfully marketed helical-shaped continuous flight
auger piles with casing, we have recently succeeded in developing a
technique for the manufacturing of helical-shaped continuous flight
auger piles without temporary casing.
These piles can be drilled by means of relatively small piling rigs with
only one single rotary head. Additional advantages are a high bearing
capacity, a limited concrete consumption and a limited volume of
excavated soil.


Because the available construction sites are getting smaller and smaller
and the need to build underground is gradually increasing, we have
been studying a new drilling technique, allowing the drilling of secant
pile walls using small piling rigs that can be used in restricted working
This is realized by designing an auger for drilling secant piles without
using a temporary casing, so that a double rotary head drilling system is
not necessary. Once the new secant augers have been tested and
refined, the technique shall be introduced within short.